And I'd probably go out on a limb and say for most of you this is your first time getting married. We get that too!
Before anything, we're here to help. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, plus you're probably doing a ton of other things too! So before we talk, here are some of the most asked questions we get and the answers that might help you decide why you need video, or if we're the right fit!

Not everyone knows all that goes into making a wedding film
(unless you're steven spielberg, i guess!)

Hey, we get it.

Okay, I need to email you. Like. Now.

(or, just make some of your own Faqs)

What if we decide we want to upgrade our package - or add on a speech film or something?

I use licensed music so that there’s no copyright issues. I pick the song(s) based on how your day went and whatever matches the mood best. My couples are always more than welcome to share music with me that they like so I can find a similar vibe, or if you have the budget we can pay for a license for someone like Dan & Shay, or Ed Sheeran, or Snopp Dogg! If you know, you're into that. 

I get this question a ton actually. Good news, we film everything as if you’re getting everything! We also keep your raw footage for at least a year so if you decide you want more down the road, or want to surprise your hunny on your anniversary with a new film, we've got ya covered!

How do you pick the music?

Two! Evan and Myself! Evan is a good stress reliever as you can make fun of him all day, as much as you want.
Having two videographers helps get more angles of everything and capture two different things at once.

How many videographers?

The highlight usually takes a couple weeks to finish depending on the month. For example: October is usually my busiest month with 6-9 weddings typically so it might take a little longer in the busier seasons. If you're getting a teaser film, I like to finish those within the first few days of you being married so you have something to get you stoked and to show everyone!
The rest depends on how many films you get and how long they are, but I’ve never taken longer than 3 months (knock on wood).

How long will it take to get our film(s)?

Everything! We film as if you’re getting it all just in case down the road you decide you actually do want it all.

What do you film?

At minimum our packages come with 2 videographers, a highlight film, and the raw footage of the ceremony and speeches! If you're hiring someone to capture the day, I just feel getting the footage of the two mani parts (ceremony + speeches) should come naturally. That's why it's included in our base package. The highlight is short, sweet and shareable, and showcases the best parts of the day along with your vows and maybe some clips of really great speeches. BVT Visuals' highlight films range in length from 5 - 12 minutes. 

Other parts of our packages may include a ceremony or speech film, or even things you can add-on like a full wedding day film ranging from 20-30 minutes, rehearsal dinner film to capture the more candid moments the day before, or my favorite, a reception film!

What do we get with BVT Visuals as our videographer?

I started this company when I turned 19 and I've come a long way. I've filmed over 150 weddings, 30+ brand commercials, I even had part in a Super Bowl ad (also - huge Seahawks fan here - don't worry I'll still consider being your guy if you're a Niner's fan)!   ;)
I've created a variety of films, I've built an actual business, and I've met raw, genuine couples that I have not only been able to make relationships with but that I now call my friends.

However I've always wondered to myself: Why? What's the point of all this? What's the goal here?

That's just it, it's you - you're my "goal" - I'm here to make the most amazing day of your life become a movie, to provide a way for your children to relive the day their parents did the damn thing, to not only give you the best experience I possibly can, but to do so and be a friend along the way and for the years to come.

My philosophy is doing the best and what's best, for you.


“Even though I get older, what I do never gets old, and that’s what I think keeps me hungry.”

– Steven Spielberg, on filmmaking

I've always believed that I wouldn't offer my clients anything I truly didn't think they needed or would wanted. I'm not here to sell you a used car, I'm here to give you the best experience and wedding film you could imagine.

That's why all of my packages are crafted to what I believe could perfectly fit your needs depending on what's most important to you.

My wedding videography packages start at $4,850 and come with a minimum of a highlight film plus the raw footage of the ceremony.