lets start your unscripted Adventure.

“You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

- Tom Hardy, Inception

To go off of “investment” this is an investment in other sorts too. The way we go about capturing your day gives you peace of mind in that we film EVERYTHING, and I keep it for as long as I possibly can, in fact I just did (it’s June 2022 atm) a longer edit for a couple from back in 2016! I want you to feel comfortable and not feel like you have to pick the perfect collection when you book. You can always upgrade, add-on, or even add hours if needed on the day of!

Anyway enough with the appeal to emotion although it is one of the biggest things I think about. Collections for Orange County and Southern California Weddings start at $6,150 and Destination Weddings start at $7,500. I like to think to myself “what would I want if I were about to get married” so I’ve structured them in a way that most would find exactly what they want. Collections come with a minimum of a highlight film and your ceremony and speeches. 

“Investment, pricing, packages…” whatever one wants to call it - at the end of the night (of your wedding) video (and photo) are the only things that will live on besides your memories. Which, let’s be honest, will probably be a little foggy from all that sparkling cider you’ll be having. So yes I like to call this an investment. An investment into your lives, futures, and story to continue on with your children. I always get “oh my parents didn’t get it I wish they did” or “wow my parents got the oldest looking wedding video ever”, and I always think to myself wow how cool would it be to compare your own wedding video to your parents, or your own children one day! 

Bradley and Evan were the perfect crew! We feel so lucky to have found them, and that they captured our day so perfectly. They were excellent about staying behind the scenes, in terms of not interfering with the integrity of the day, and the final result of Bradley's phenomenal editing skills were just heart wrenching in the best way - we loved our highlight reel so much that we ended up adding an additional documentary after the fact, which I wish we had just done initially. Any moments I had wished our photographer captured, I could be confident were on film. One standout moment for me was when I walked out onto hot asphalt barefoot, totally unprepared for the moment, without missing a beat Bradley & Evan each put a foot out so I could stand on their shoes! 😭 I'll never forget that hilarious moment (which luckily my photographer DID capture hahaha), and I think it speaks volumes about the kind of guys they are. They're not just there to record some videos, they are there to elevate your entire day. Look no further - I would rehire and recommend BVT in a heartbeat!

— Mackenzie + Justin | Big Bear, california

BVT Visuals filmed my August 2021 wedding and they were absolutely AMAZING! My husband and I wanted a fun, non-cheesy video and boy did they deliver. They are quick to respond and sent us a teaser video almost immediately after our wedding. We were a little nervous about having a camera follow us around all day, but Bradley and Evan made us feel so natural in front of the camera cracking jokes that we didn't even realize they were there half the time. I can't thank them enough for capturing our day so perfectly! Run, don't walk to book them for your wedding!

—  Lora + Hunter, Franciscan Gardens 

If you want your wedding to have the best videographers then there is no other option that to go with BVT. Pre wedding they were always available to answer questions, go over what we wanted most, and be helpful in anyway with their abundance of experience. Not only are they quick to get you a teaser back, but also able to bring you to tears with the quality of their work. We watch our highlight video every day and it’s because of how beautifully BVT captured our experience. If you are deciding between a videographer just chose them and relax because they will get you everything you want and more. Not only are they professional, but easy to work with. We have already told all our friends to use them and I’m telling you random person reading this… book them and you won’t regret it!

—  imee + Kyle | Hyatt Regency Long Beach